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- Larry Flynt

Larry Flynt

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It pains me to no end to witness the Democratic Presidential candidates form a circular firing squad in the debates, almost unanimously pushing policies that will guarantee four more years of Trump. They do so out of a sense of noble idealism, but what good are those intentions if they kill your chance of gaining power to enact progressive policies?

In the first debate, when asked whose healthcare plan would cover undocumented immigrants, every candidate on the stage raised their hand. The next day the New York Post ran a front-page photo of the lockstep hand-raisers with the headline “Who wants to lose the election?” The Post is a Murdoch paper, but the headline nailed it. Among the working-class voters who defected from Obama to Trump and in fact among the majority of Americans, this radical idea of “open borders,” meaning no borders at all and no enforcement of immigration policy, is insanity. No other nation on Earth does this, even progressive countries like Canada and Norway.

Montana governor Steve Bullock justly criticized this stance: “We got a hundred thousand people showing up at the border right now. If we decriminalize entry, if we give healthcare to everyone, we’ll have multiples of that. Don’t take my word—that was President Obama’s homeland security secretary that said that.” Indeed, Jeh Johnson did say, “That is unworkable, unwise and does not have the support of a majority of American people or the Congress…”

We’re $22 trillion in debt, with thousands of American citizens still uninsured or underinsured, homeless populations crowding our major cities, robots primed to take over many unskilled and skilled jobs in the near future, our border facilities and immigration courts totally swamped—and we’re inviting the world’s 700 million people living in extreme poverty to surge across our “obsolete” borders to file an asylum claim and get free healthcare? What pie-in-the-sky yokels dreamed this up?

The second bullet in the foot was reparations for slavery, advocated by Julián Castro, Cory Booker and Marianne Williamson. I believe in equality before the law, nondiscrimination based on race and gender and recognize that the racism and sexism still prevalent in our society need to be fought constantly, but I don’t believe in paying out huge sums for what our distant ancestors did. If it were 1900 instead of 2019, then I could support reparations to those directly affected. But to make reparations for what happened over a century ago is not going to fly with the majority of Americans. We have to focus on making the future more just and equitable, not the past. Can we afford to implement universal healthcare, free college tuition and pay billions in reparations? Not a chance.

After the second debate the Trump campaign ran its first reelection ad, featuring these utopian ideas. I hate to say it, but it was devastatingly effective, painting the Democrats as totally out of touch with reality. This is the curse of identity politics run amok, with the “politically correct” crowd denouncing anyone who doesn’t get behind these radical notions as “racist.”

Memo to Democratic candidates: You’re not running for president of a liberal arts college, but of the whole United States. Whoever the final candidate is must ditch these albatrosses or hand the election to Trump.

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