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Free Speech Icon Larry Flynt Decries U.S. Senator Mitch McConnell’s Paid Speech Scam

Says Kentucky GOP is Running a “Voter Prostitution Ring”

(October 27, 2014 –Beverly Hills, CA) World-renowned free speech activist Larry Flynt today expressed his disgust at reports that U.S. Sen. Mitch McConnell is offering volunteers all-expense paid trips to join his bus tour and “contribute to an enthusiastic atmosphere” at his campaign events.

“As a native son of Kentucky, I’m shocked and dismayed by the reports of Sen. McConnell’s demeaning actions,” said Flynt. “An appropriate word to describe feigning pleasure for money is prostitution, so it appears the State GOP is running a voter prostitution ring. Paying people to pretend to be having a love affair with a candidate, and then retailing those pictures as something real, is outrageous and obscene.

“Free speech makes our country great,” Flynt continued. “Paid speech to fool voters poisons our political system. This behavior is a sorry commentary on the record and performance of someone who’s supposed to be a leader. Sen. McConnell has insulted the citizens of Kentucky. He owes them an apology and a promise that he won’t stoop to this type of chicanery again.”

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