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Biden: A Walking Time Bomb

I hope my suicide watch for the Democratic Party is more successful than the one that failed Jeffrey Epstein. Last month I laid out how the Democratic candidates’ almost unanimous support for open borders and slavery reparations is a deal killer for the majority of Americans and a gift to Donald Trump.

But there’s another concern that could doom our chances and produce the nightmare of a second Trump term: Joe Biden. A longtime walking gaffe machine, he’s gotten worse lately, saying things like “We choose truth over facts,” “Poor kids are just as bright and just as talented as white kids,” the back-to-back mass shootings in El Paso and Dayton were in “Michigan and Houston,” and on and on. The only reason he’s been leading the pack of Democratic candidates is seniority in the party, name recognition and the notion that he’s got some magic mojo to “beat Trump.” Basically, these were the same main arguments for nominating Hillary, and we know how that turned out.

Biden should be immediately disqualified from the race—not just for going along with the herd on the Iraq War rush, but for actually leading the charge from the Democratic side. This is well documented now. One factor in Hillary’s defeat: The swing Rust Belt states that flipped from Obama to Trump had some of the highest War on Terror casualty numbers, and a national study correlated this with votes for Trump. These states saw the cost firsthand. Although Trump has failed to deliver peace, at least he promised it, whereas Hillary was furiously beating war drums. Joe’s excuses for voting for one of the biggest blunders in American history are going to ring hollow.

Anyone who actually studies Biden’s long history—and this is going to be flushed out in further debates—can only conclude that he’s really Republican Lite. He’s long been one of the Senate’s most reliable mouthpieces for protecting predatory credit card companies, bank – sters, greedy corporations and hedge fund oligarchs. He buddied up to many vile segregationists in his early days, voted against abortion rights once, supported Reagan’s tax cuts and has repeatedly voted to cut Social Security and Medicare. That’s why he’s known as “Wall Street Joe.” He also savaged Anita Hill in the Clarence Thomas Supreme Court nomination hearings, which is not going to sit well with women in the age of #MeToo activism.

Pundits and analysts are saying that the millennial generation is the most politically motivated since the hippy generation of the ’60s, and they are going to vote in droves—but not for a dinosaur who actually said to a roomful of wealthy donors, “Nothing would fundamentally change.” Joe Biden is not just a walking gaffe machine far past his expiration date, but a walking time bomb for the Democratic Party. Of course, the oligarchs who run this country want him in the driver’s seat. But what we are sure to get if he is nominated is four more disastrous years of Donald Trump.

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