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- Larry Flynt

Larry Flynt

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Walk the Walk in November

It’s become a cliché that the election on the horizon is always “the most important of our lifetime.” But this time it’s no exaggeration. With Trump eager to appoint yet another conservative Justice to the Supreme Court, the only possible block to his regressive policies is Democratic control of the House and/or Senate. It is therefore of paramount importance that all progressive- minded people vote this November—without exception. No excuses.

Consider this contradiction: Polls consistently show that most Americans overwhelmingly favor progressive policies like universal healthcare, free tuition for college and a livable minimum wage. Yet somehow Republicans control the government from sea to shining sea: the Presidency, both houses of Congress and a majority of state legislatures and governorships. How did that happen?

First, the GOP has been using every dirty trick in the book to suppress the Democratic vote while boosting their own power at the polls: partisan gerrymandering, enacting outrageous voter suppression laws and flooding races with dark money from right-wing billionaires like the Koch brothers.

But there’s another factor: Progressives simply don’t vote in numbers proportionate to Republican turnout, especially in the less glamorous midterm elections. The GOP knows that its policies really only appeal to a minority of the American citizenry—the one-percenter fat cats, Bible thumpers and flag-waving blowhards too ignorant and brainwashed to know where their real interests lie. In a fair election with high voter turnout, Republicans are at a disadvantage, especially with the increasing ethnic diversity of our population.

So the writing’s on the wall, folks. It’s not enough to answer a survey poll. It’s not enough to gripe about Trump at the water cooler. It’s not enough to tweet the joke that Stephen Colbert made last night. You’ve got to get your butts down to the polling booth on November 6th, or Trump’s bandits will have at least two more years of unobstructed mayhem. Mark your calendars with a thick red circle, and if you’re not already registered to vote, for America’s sake, do it today!

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