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Larry Flynt


Report by Jordan David


November 30, 2011

Shortly after midnight a militarized police contingent, working with ruthless efficiency, evicted the occupants of the park around L.A.’s City Hall. The operation included approximately 1,800 members of the LAPD, plus officers from the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department. Defiant protesters, hoping for an influx of supporters to stand in opposition to this massive show of force, were stymied when police shut down streets and highway off-ramps. Over 200 protesters were arrested.

While the mainstream media is largely reporting that the eviction was Peaceful, with the police acting in a restrained, professional manner, that was only true of the City Hall area, where the sectioned-off press
representatives were allowed to observe the takedown. Those brave enough to venture into the streets witnessed police swinging billy clubs at peaceful demonstrators simply because they refused to get onto the sidewalks.

The nationwide Occupy movement was launched in response to the growing income disparity between America’s rich and the working class. The protesters, who call themselves the 99%, recognize that the playing field is not level and that our politicians are owned by the 1%. It is a fact that the 400 wealthiest people in this country have more money then the bottom 150 million.

A complete report on the Occupy L.A. eviction, plus those in New York City and Denver, will appear in a future issue of HUSTLER Magazine.

Photo caption: Penned in press observe policeman arresting protester./Photo by Jordan David

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