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"If you're not going to offend somebody, you don't need the First Amendment."

- Larry Flynt

Larry Flynt

From The Washington Post

Larry Flynt Raises the Stakes, Offers $10 Million for Dirt Leading to the Impeachment of Trump

A big bag of cash is up for grabs for anyone who can provide Larry Flynt with information that would lead to the impeachment and removal of Donald Trump from office.

This isn’t the first time Mr. Flynt has offered cash for incriminating evidence against Trump. Last year prior to the November 8th presidential election, Mr. Flynt announced that he is offering $1 million to anyone with verifiable video or audio recording of Trump engaging in illegal activity or acting in sexually demeaning or derogatory manner.

Now, with the stakes so much higher, Mr. Flynt is upping his cash reward. In a full-page ad in the Sunday edition of The Washington Post, Mr. Flynt announced that he is offering $10 million for anyone who could provide unimpeachable evidence against Trump.

Read Mr. Flynt’s full-page ad in its entirety, here.

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