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"If you're not going to offend somebody, you don't need the First Amendment."

- Larry Flynt

Larry Flynt


from HUSTLER Magazine July 2011

• Antonin Scalia, Clarence Thomas’s sidekick on the U.S. Supreme  Court, recently made headlines for proclaiming in California Lawyer  magazine that the 14th Amendment (citizenship,due process and equal- protection clauses) does not extend to protecting women against sex discrimination.  Apparently he doesn’t consider women to be “people.”  In  fact, Scalia believes women, gays and all emerging minorities should be  left at the mercy of the prevailing political majority when it comes to  ensuring fair treatment.  Back in September 2010 he told an audience at  the University of California Hastings College of Law that “if the current  society wants to outlaw discrimination by sex…you have legislatures.”

• Curveball, an Iraqi informer whose real name is Rafid Ahmed  Alwan al-Janabi, claimed that Saddam Hussein’s regime was developing mobile biological warfare labs, thereby building a case for the  Iraq War.  After more than seven years of hostilities and the deaths of  thousands of U.S. troops and countless Iraqi civilians, al-Janabi recently admitted to the Guardiannewspaper that he was full of shit:“I had the chance to fabricate something to topple the regime.  I and my  sons are proud of that.” And we’re proud to also deride the CIA. In  2004 the U.S. Senate Intelligence Committee reported that the spy  agency “withheld important information about Curveball’s reliability”  from U.S. analysts dealing with the informant’s claim.  For God’s sake,  al-Janabi was a cab driver.

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